Safe Baby Products Guide How-To

Welcome to Getting Ready for Baby's Safe Baby Showers Guide! We can help prevent diseases and disorders by ensuring products for babies are made without harmful chemicals. This Guide will help you identify problem chemicals in baby products, and how to find products made with safer materials.

There are three ways to use this guide:


Get specific

Dive right into the one product you want right now. Our easy navigation starts with broad, logical categories and lets you get quickly to specific kinds of products to learn about potential hazards and how to identify products that are doing better for our kids. You can use the information to make a decision about a specific item.


Build your knowledge base

Are you a new mom or dad to be? Preparing to go to a store or stores to choose items or create your gift registry in person? Want to learn now and build your nursery later? Follow our links through all the product types to build your knowledge base. Download information for the categories that matter to you.


Build your GIFT registry now

As of now, there is no one store that offers all of the safest items at a great price. However, that won't stop you from making a baby registry just the way you want it. Babylist, featured here, lets you easily create a registry from as many different stores as you like by providing a little "widget" - a button at the top of your browser - that makes it incredibly simple to add any item directly to your personal list! Here's how:

  1. Go to and choose "CREATE YOUR BABYLIST" - enter your details as requested. If you agree to terms of use, continue with "Let's Start." They'll then ask you for additional information: due date, partner name, etc. You can fill in the information or choose "SKIP STEP" if you don't want to share it.
  2. Install the Baby List Button. It's super easy and they have a clever gif to help you do it. You simply click and drag the "ADD TO BABYLIST" button up to the bookmark bar of your browser. If you don't have that turned on, BabyList includes instructions to enable it for the browser you're using. (Note: Mozilla Firefox users: If you don't have a menu at the top of your screen that includes "View" you can add a bookmark toolbar by clicking on the three bars next to the web address bar, choosing "customize" and at the bottom of the screen, choosing "bookmark toolbar" from the "toolbar" dropdown menu.)
  3. Build your registry!
    • Navigate to any website that sells baby products. Try here.
    • When you find an item you like, click the "Add to babylist" link in the toolbar and it will automatically be added to your registry. You can sign back into to view everything you've added.
    • Have fun picking the items that will best suit your growing family!
  4. Have questions? Ask us! We will respond in the next 1-2 business days.



Chemicals of Concern

In each section you'll find icons for the kinds of chemical hazards that are present. You can find out more about these elements in our Glossary of Hazards.


The Getting Ready for Baby campaign is not offering advice. We are presenting information and options for your consideration. Nothing in this site should be construed as implying that products containing chemicals of concern or hazards are specifically harmful to any specific child's health. 
Specific brands and products listed in this guide have been identified by Made Safe as being made without chemicals of concern. You can learn about their methodology here. The Getting Ready for Baby campaign does not evaluate or certify specific products. 


Further Disclaimer

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